Panda Refrigerator Magnets | Cute 3D Panda Magnets in 10 Models

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  • Panda Sitting in The Branches
  • Panda Hanging on Wood
  • Panda on Cloud
  • Panda Hanging From Branches
  • Panda Holding a Bamboo
  • Dark Blue Balloon
  • Green Balloon
  • Blue Balloon
  • Pink Balloon in 2 Hands
  • Pink Balloon in 1 Hand
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Our cute Panda Refrigerator Magnets are so adorable and fun! They are little panda characters made from a special 3D design. You can choose from 10 different models, like pandas sitting in branches, hanging on wood, or even holding colorful balloons.

These panda magnets are not just cute; they are also very light and easy to stick on things. They weigh around the same as a handful of paper clips and are about as tall as a small toy. You can put them on your fridge or any metal surface that magnets stick to.

They're made from a strong material called resin and have a magnet on the back, so they can hold on tight to metal surfaces. You can use them on your refrigerator, magnetic boards at school, or even on metal cabinets.

With these Panda Refrigerator Magnets, you can create a cute panda scene on your fridge or wherever you like. They'll make you smile every time you see them! Get these adorable panda magnets and make your space more playful and happy.

  • Product: Panda Refrigerator Magnets
  • Models: Choose from 10 adorable models, including pandas sitting in branches, hanging on wood, and holding colorful balloons
  • Size: Weighing 16-21.8g, and measuring 4.5cm - 7.8cm in height
  • Design: Each panda magnet features a playful 3D panda in various positions
  • Material: Made from durable resin with a magnet on the back
  • Application: Perfect for sticking on refrigerators, magnetic whiteboards, blackboards, metal cabinets, and more

These adorable panda magnets will add a touch of cuteness and fun to any magnetic surface!

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