Panda Fridge Magnets: Cute and Fun 3D Panda Magnets in 27 Models

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  • Panda with Silver Bowl
  • Panda with Red Bowl
  • Panda Eating Watermelon
  • Panda with Skateboard
  • Panda Playing Guitar
  • Panda Angel
  • Panda Holding a Heart
  • Panda Drinking Milk
  • Panda Squeeze Cheek
  • Panda Stand with Arms Akimbo
  • Pink Bunny Panda with Mushroom
  • Yellow Bunny Panda with Mushroom
  • Pink Facial Mask Panda
  • Black Facial Mask Panda
  • Green Facial Mask Panda
  • Panda with Tiger Head Hat
  • Panda with Pink Bunny Hat
  • Panda with Carrot Hat
  • Panda with Green Quilt
  • Panda with Pink Quilt
  • Panda with Red Quilt
  • Sitting Weighing Panda
  • Standing Weighing Panda
  • Please Hug Me Panda
  • Panda Ass
  • Boxing Panda
  • Sending Love Heart Panda
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The adorable Panda Refrigerator Magnets - they are super cute and come in 27 different fun designs! These 3D panda magnets are not heavy, and they stick easily to metal surfaces like fridges, whiteboards, and more.

Each panda magnet is small, about 4 to 6 centimeters tall, and made from a special material called Resin with a strong magnet on the back. They can hold on tight to things like metal fridges, making sure they stay in place.

You can choose from many cute designs, like pandas eating watermelon, playing guitar, or even wearing funny hats! They will make you smile every time you see them!

Not only are these panda magnets perfect for your fridge, but you can also use them on magnetic whiteboards, blackboards, metal filing cabinets, and even radiators! The possibilities are endless!

They would make great gifts for your friends and family or keep them for yourself to decorate your space with panda cuteness.

Don't miss out on the joy these Panda Refrigerator Magnets can bring to your life! Grab your favorites and start sticking them around today!

  • Product: Panda Refrigerator Magnets
  • Description: Super cute 3D panda magnets with fun designs
  • Weight: 26-74g
  • Height: 4 cm - 6 cm
  • Designs: 27 adorable models, including pandas eating watermelon, playing guitar, and more
  • Material: Resin + Magnet
  • Application: Stick to fridges, whiteboards, metal filing cabinets, and more
  • Gift Idea: Perfect for friends and family

Enjoy the cuteness and joy these Panda Refrigerator Magnets bring!

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