Hehua Panda Doll: Lifelike 3-Month-Old Realistic Panda Plush

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Hehua Panda Doll - an adorable panda plush plush that looks just like a real 3-month-old Hehua panda!

This Hehua panda doll is lying on its tummy with its legs stretched out, and it has the cutest face with big eyes and a soft, pink nose.

The Hehua panda's fur is black and white, and its paws are squishy and feel real. You can hug and play with this panda all day long because it's super soft and cuddly.

It is made from high-quality materials like plush and filled with soft cotton. Its nose and paws are made of a safe and eco-friendly material called silicone.

This realistic panda plush looks just like a real baby Hehua panda with its white fur rings on the feet, black patches around the eyes, and a small black notch on its shoulders.

If you love Hehua pandas or need a cute and huggable companion, the Hehua Panda Doll is perfect for you. Get ready to have lots of fun and happiness with your new panda friend!

  • Hehua Panda Doll: A realistic panda plush that is 1:1 copy of the real 3-month-old Hehua panda.
  • Realistic Details: Fuzzy black and white fur, heart-melting eyes, squeezable paws, ring-shaped white furs on the feet, inverted teardrop-shaped black eye patches, a soft silicone pink nose, and lifelike features.
  • Super Soft and Huggable: Made from high-quality plush and stuffed with soft PP cotton.
  • Eco-Friendly Material: The paw and nose are made of safe silicone.
  • Size: 20 inches (50cm) in length.
  • Perfect Gift: Ideal for panda enthusiasts and collectors or as a cuddly companion for anyone.
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