Fei Yun Panda Plush: Realistic Panda Stuffed Animal with Angle Smile(2 Size)

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Meet the Fei Yun Panda Plush, a panda stuffed animal that looks just like a real panda!

There are two sizes to choose from: one is 12 inches tall when sitting, and the other is 16 inches tall when sitting.

This realistic panda stuffed animal is super soft because it's made from really good pretend fur. It's also filled with soft stuff called 3D pp cotton, which makes it squishy and fun to hug.

This panda plush is based on a special panda named Fei Yun. She's really cute and has nice, smooth fur. She also has big ears that look like fans and a face that makes her seem friendly. Imagine a panda that always looks like it's smiling ¨C that's Fei Yun!

But don't be fooled by her sweet looks. Fei Yun is strong, like a panda superhero. She once opened a door with six locks all by herself! So, even though she's cute, she's also tough.

When you see Fei Yun panda plush's smile, you'll want to smile too. She's a great friend to have when you need a cuddle or some cheering up. And the best part is, she'll always be there for you!

So, whether you're in the mood for a panda buddy to join your adventures or a cute-as-buttons decoration for your space, the Fei Yun Panda Plush is your go-to. It's like inviting a bit of Fei Yun's awesomeness right into your world.

  • Size: Available in two options: a 12-inch "fun-size" and a 16-inch "jumbo-size".
  • Softness Overload: Made with faux mink so soft, you'll think you're hugging a cloud. Filled with squishy 3D pp cotton for the ultimate hugability.
  • Inspired by Fei Yun: Designed to capture the cuteness of Fei Yun, the real-life panda superstar with angel smile, smooth fur, fan-like ears, and an adorable face.
  • Cuteness with a Punch: Don't let the charm fool you ¨C Fei Yun's got muscles. She once opened a door with six locks, proving she's as strong as she is cute.
  • Panda Magic Anywhere: Whether you need a sidekick for adventures or a room that's oozing with cuteness, the Fei Yun Panda Plush is your answer.
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