Jointed Panda Bear: Poseable and Huggable Panda Plush Toy

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This panda plush toy is really cute and cool! You can move its arms and legs because they have special joints. It can sit down and stand up, and it's about 7.9 inches tall when sitting and 9.5 inches when standing.

If you love pandas or you're a kid, this is perfect for you. It's made from a soft plush material called polyester fiber, which is really comfortable.

The panda looks just adorable, with black and white colors. You can play with it and make it do different poses, like sitting or standing. You can also keep it in your room as decoration or give it as a gift to someone who likes pandas or cute things.

  • Size: Adorable panda plush toy with jointed limbs for posing.
    • Sit: About 7.9 inches tall.
    • Stand: Grows to 9.5 inches tall.
  • Perfect for: Panda lovers and kids of all ages.
  • Material: Made from 100% polyester fiber for a soft feel.
  • Fun Features: Moveable arms and legs for creative play.
  • Realistic: Lifelike design with classic black and white colors.
  • Play and Decor: Great for imaginative play or cute room decoration.
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