8 Form Taichi Panda Figurines, Hand Painted Taichi Panda Statue, Resin Taichi Kung Fu Panda Miniature Figurines

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  • Play the Lute
  • White Crane Spreads Its Wings
  • Brush Knee Twist Steps
  • Strike to Ears with Both Fists
  • Shuttle Back and Forth
  • Snake creeps down
  • Appears Closed
  • Part the Wild Horse's Mane
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As we all know, there are 24 forms taichi movements. Thoes panda miniature figurines show the most famous 8 forms of Taichi.

8 Forms Taichi Kung Fu Panda Figurines Names Including:

1. Play the Lute

2. White Crane Spreads Its Wings

3. Brush Knee Twist Steps

4. Strike to Ears with Both Fists

5. Shuttle Back and Forth 

6. Snake creeps down

7. Appears Closed

8. Part the Wild Horse's Mane

Size: 8.5*6.8*6.8 cm

Weight: 0.14 kg

Material: Quality resin

Those adorable and funny hand painted taichi kung fu panda miniature figures are great gift for friends, kids, clients etc.

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