Panda Toy Teeth Fun Biting Finger Panda Dentist Game for Kids

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Panda toy teeth is a super cute, fun, and educational bite toy for kids that is inspired by the crocodile dentist game.

The dentist who finds the sore tooth might get bitten by a panda!

The goal of the game is to press down one plastic tooth at a time from a panda toy's mouth until you find the sore tooth. But watch out! You should move fast to avoid the snap in the panda dentist game.

The panda toy teeth dentist game is great for developing motor skills, encouraging kids to move fast and test their reflexes. Kids can practice courage, self-confidence, decision-making, and speeding up their reactions in a playful game of daring dentistry.

This panda toy is a super funny and amazing gift for young children, family, classmates, and friends.

Panda Dentist Game Rules:

1. Crack open the panda toy's mouth.

2. simply press on a single tooth.

3. Play moves on to the next player.

4. If the panda toy teeth chomp your finger, you are out of the game.

5. Reset the crocodile and continue playing until only one player remains.

6. Random Bite You: Every time you open the panda toy's mouth a random tooth will be sore. You never know which tooth will cause his jaw to snap shut.

  • Material: ABS eco-friendly plastic.
  • Dimensions: 9.1 x 15x 10 cm
  • Ages: Suitable for kids ages 3+
  • Batteries: Batteries not required
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