Panda Plush Pajamas for Couples: Soft & Snuggly Plush Panda Sleepwear

$49.90 No tax
Pajamas Size
  • S(40-50kg)
  • XXL(85-100kg)
  • XL(70-85kg)
  • L(50-67kg)
  • L(60-70kg)
  • M(50-60kg)
Pajamas Model
  • Women
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Indulge in the snuggle fest of a lifetime with our oh-so-cute Panda plush pajamas for couples, complete with a long-sleeve top and pants that boast the comfiest elastic waistbands.

Whether you're small, medium, large, or extra-extra large, we've got just the right fit for you and your darling partner.

Made from 100% polyester fiber, this plush panda sleepwear is designed to keep you warm and cozy throughout the night. But don't you worry, it's as breathable as a cool breeze, ensuring you stay snugly, not stuffy.

With their chic notched collar and trendy green piping, they've got a classic edge that even pandas would envy. And speaking of pandas, the cute Panda and bamboo print is the cherry on top that takes the adorableness meter off the charts!

When winter arrives, you'll be all set for a cozy hibernation party. The button-down closure makes getting in and out of these pajamas a piece of cake ¨C no struggling with sleepy eyes!

Ladies, find your perfect fit with sizes S, M, and L, while gents can rock it out with L, XL, and XXL. Just refer to our handy-dandy size chart to find your match made in panda heaven!

Designed with loads of love and attention, our Panda plush pajamas are ready to be your new favorite loungewear. Whether it's movie nights, pillow fights, or lazy Sundays, these cuties are here to make every moment memorable. So, what are you waiting for? Snag a pair (or two!) and let the snuggling commence!

  • Size: Available in sizes S through XXL for both men and women
  • Material: Made from 100% polyester fiber for warmth, breathability, and comfort
  • Design: Features a white plush material with a notched collar, green piping, and a cute Panda and bamboo print
  • Closure: Button-down closure for easy wearing and removal
  • Season: Ideal for winter nights
  • Woman's Sizes: S (height 150-160cm, weight 40-50kg), M (height 160-165cm, weight 50-60kg), L (height 165-170cm, weight 60-70kg)
  • Man's Sizes: L (height 165-172cm, weight 50-70kg), XL (height 172-178cm, weight 70-85kg), XXL (height 178-183cm, weight 85-100kg)
  • Adorable: The cute Panda and bamboo print adds a playful touch
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