Panda Bags: Backpack & Crossbody with Panda Back Design and Keychain

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The amazing Panda Bag Collection ¨C it's both super cute and really useful! We made these Panda Backpacks and Panda Crossbody Bags extra special, so you'll love having them with you wherever you go.

These panda bags are tough and strong because they're made from really good material called premium nylon fabric. This means they can handle all the fun adventures you take them on and stay looking nice.

You can pick between two types of bags: the Panda Crossbody Bag and the Panda Backpack.

Both panda bags are super cool because they look like a panda's back! The panda has cute 3D ears and short legs, making it look like a real panda. And guess what? You also get a cute stuffed toy keychain with each panda bag ¨C that's like a bonus gift to make you smile!

So, whether you want to carry your stuff on your back or across your body, these panda bags are awesome. They're strong, flexible, and totally adorable. Plus, they show how much you love pandas in a stylish way!

  • Panda Bag Collection: Cute and useful bags inspired by pandas.
  • Panda Backpack:
    • Size: About 10.6 inches wide, 3.1 inches deep, and 11.8 inches high.
    • Weight: Light at 0.29 kg.
  • Panda Crossbody Bag:
    • Size: Around 9.1 inches wide, 2.8 inches deep, and 8.7 inches high.
    • Weight: Very light at 0.15 kg.
  • Design: Bags look like panda backs with cute 3D ears and short legs.
  • Cute Panda Keychain: Each panda bag comes with an adorable stuffed toy keychain.
  • Durable Material: Bags are made from strong premium nylon fabric.
  • Perfect for Adventures: Tough and versatile for all your fun outings.
  • Show Your Panda Love: Stylishly display your love for pandas!
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