Panda Figurine, 7 pcs Panda Miniature Figurines, Simulation Panda Miniature Dolls, Mini Panda Toys

7 pcs lifelike panda miniature figurine. They are all cutie but each of are different. There are a big panda family: walking pandas, sitting panda, fat panda, skinny panda, panda baby etc.

The panda miniature dolls are made of PVC plastic, very durable. Perfect for decor your house, desk, car or as micor landscape.

If you like panda and miniature animal figurines. Don't hesitate to take this set of mini panda figurines home!

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7 PCS of Panda Miniature Figurines

1. Name: Walking panda 003

Size: 9 X 3 X 5 cm

Weight: 72 g

2. Name: Walking panda 001

Size: 10.5 X 4.2 X 6 cm

Weight: 153 g

3. Name: Walking panda 002

Size: 10 X 4 X 5 cm

Weight: 102 g

4. Name: Panda cub

Size: 5.5 X 2.3 X 3 cm

Weight: 24 g

5. Name: Ciant panda with leaves

Size: 6 X 6.5 X 7 cm

Weight: 100 g

6. Name: Kneeling panda

Size: 9 X 5 X 5.5 cm

Weight: 88 g

7. Name: Sitting panda

Size: 5.7 X 5 X 7 cm

Weight: 82 g

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Sooooo cute and lifelike!!! The panda figures are very well made and look just like they do in the picture. Worth the money.
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