Hehua Panda: el prototipo de nuestro panda de peluche realista de 5 meses

1 Año hace

Como todos sabemos, nuestro Animal de peluche de panda realista de 5 meses está hecho a mano en base al panda real HeHua. Tiene algunas características físicas únicas, como pelaje peludo y pelaje blanco en forma de anillo en sus pies.

Top 10 Kids Panda Backpack in 2019, The Cutest Panda Backpack for Kids & Toddlers

4 Años hace
Are you looking for an adorable kids panda backpack for your kids, here are 10 backpacks for you, your kids will love them.

Best Panda Toys to Buy, Top 8 Adorable Panda Toys of 2018

4 Años hace
Best panda toys of 2018, this is a list of top 8 best panda toys, they are adorable panda toys and panda stuffed animals.

2018 Top 10 Panda Bags and Panda Backpacks for Women and Girls

5 Años hace
2018 Top 10 panda bags lists out best selling panda bags and backpacks for women and girls including panda leather bags, panda tote bags.

Panda Hi a plump adorable well-behaved panda, he stays still when nanny cleans his room

5 Años hace
Panda Hi is plump, which makes him super adorable. Panda Hi is definitely a superstar, his fans are kind like everywhere, but he didn't proud of that, he just want to be himself, being a well-behaved panda. He is so different with other handful fellows.

How to identify pandas, a lot of differences between one another, they are not the same

porLolita 5 Años hace
Let see how to identify pandas, they are not all the same, they have their own characters.

Do you remember the face plants-ground panda Fushun, how is he doing now?

porLolita 5 Años hace
Fushun was born at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda on July 14, 2016, Fushun's name means 'fortune and smooth' in Chinese while his sister's name, Fulai, means 'fortune comes'.

Super Adorkable Alert! 36 Panda Cubs Born In 2017 Make Public Appearance

5 Años hace
36 new born panda cubs of China's Giant Panda Protection and Research Centre made their adorable public debut at Wolong Nature Reserve and Ya'an Bifengxia Gorge Base.




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