Realistic Panda Stuffed Animal 5 Month Old Lifelike Hehua Panda Doll

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Exciting News!

Panda-Q is hiring for the position of Panda Nanny!

Our panda cubs don't need you to feed them bamboo or milk, nor need you to clean up their feces. As long as you love giant pandas as much as we do, and are willing to hug and accompany them frequently, you can adopt one or more 3 months old realistic panda plush toys from!

The following is our 1:1 made 5 months old realistic panda stuffed animal information file.

It took us more than half a year to develop this 95% 5 months old realistic panda stuffed animal. Our lifelike panda plush toys are 1:1 hand-made based on a 5-month-old real HeHua panda. This time, we have repeatedly revised and added various details to create a panda bear of our own for panda lovers. Detailed markings like black marks on the bridge of the nose and distinctive white furs on the feet create an unmatched realism and soulful eyes bring the realistic panda stuffed animal to life. Whether in terms of weight, size, or touch feeling, they are almost the same as the real 5-month-old Hehua panda.

Who is Hehua panda? Please refer to the article: Hehua Panda - The Prototype Of Our 5-Month-Old Realistic Panda Plush to know more about Hehua.

All our lifelike Hehua panda dolls are crafted from high-quality chrome-free tanned lambskin by Intangible Heritage Traditional Fur Craftsmanship. It takes 5 days to make a panda by hand.

Our dream is to create the perfect realistic panda stuffed animal for panda lovers and all panda lovers can adopt a realistic panda plush as they wish!

Brief introduction about our 5-month-old lifelike Hehua panda doll:

  • Size: 38x35cm
  • Height: 45cm (Sitting Position)
  • Weight: 3 KG
  • Colors: Black with a pink nose.
  • Material: Chrome-free tanned lambskin and silica gel
  • Manufacturer: Panda Factory

Recruitment Terms and Conditions

1. Willing to pay $799 in the adoption fee.

2. To welcome the 5-month-old Hehua panda doll home, you need to wait patiently for about 18-35 days. (Handmade realistic panda plush is very time-consuming, so the leading time ranges from 10 to 20 days, depending on the order of payments.)

3. Each handmade panda stuffed animal is unique, so no return or exchange is accepted.

4. If you are allergic to wool or silicone products, you cannot adopt our lifelike panda cubs.

5. Do not wash or dry clean our realistic panda plush, you can wipe him with alcohol. Please avoid direct sunlight for a long time, ultraviolet rays will make the fur discolored.

6. Please take good care of your 5-month-old panda cub, do not squeeze her head with heavy objects, and do not tear her limbs.

About Shipping

Once your 5-month-old panda Hehua panda doll is done, we will use the fastest express service to send it out so that you can welcome the lovely realistic panda plush home as soon as possible.

  • Shipping Fee: Free Shipping
  • Lead Time: 10-20 days
  • Shipping Method: UPS, DHL, USPS, or Fast FedEx
  • Scope of Shipping: Worldwide
  • Shipping Time: 6-15 days


Buy our 5 months old realistic panda plush, you will get a Lifelike Hehua Panda Doll, a Panda Milk Bottle, a Pet Brush and a Sticky Hair Artifact.

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Realistic Panda Stuffed Animal 5 Month Old Lifelike Panda Plush Toy Realistic Panda Stuffed Animal 5 Month Old Lifelike Panda Plush Toy

5 Months Old Realistic Panda Stuffed Animal

Giant pandas have lived on the earth for at least 8 million years and are known as "Living Fossils" and "China's National Treasures".
Especially popular in modern society, giant pandas have become a trend.
We are committed to creating a 1:1 realistic panda doll with our passion for giant pandas, and hope to present a more realistic panda stuffed animal to panda fans.
It took us more than half a year to develop the 5-month-old realistic panda stuffed animal in a sitting position as our second realistic panda plush work. They are handmade according to the 1:1 ratio of real 5-month-old Hehua panda.
The prototype of our 5-month-old realistic panda stuffed animals are designed based on the 5-month-old panda cub Hehua.
At the beginning of research and development, we conducted systematic and in-depth study on pandas of all ages, visited the Chengdu Panda Breeding Base and consulted several panda breeders about panda's all kinds of physiological details to ensure scientificity and authenticity.
As soon as this 5-month-old realistic panda stuffed animal was launched, it was affirmed and loved by panda fans once again.

1:1 Handmade 5 Months Old Realistic Panda Stuffed Animal

Weight: 3 KG.
Size: 35x38 cm
Note: 1.please allow 1-3cm differs due to manual measurement, thanks (All measurement in cm and please note 1cm=0.39inch) 

The pursuit of realistic details never ends!

Ocular prosthetics eyes, no matter what angle you look at our realistic panda stuffed animal, her eyes will always follow your movement.
The eyelids, noses and paws all are hand-carved by our craftsmen, then remanufactured from eco-friendly silicone and nested assembled.
Note: Children need to play under adult supervision.

1. Modeling

We have been hand-crafting realistic panda plush with high quality and high requirements.

2. Intangible Cultural Heritage

All our lifelike panda stuffed animals are crafted from high-quality chrome-free tanned lambskin by Intangible Heritage Traditional Fur Craftsmanship.

3. Carving

The realistic panda plush's face model is carved by hand.
By carefully studying the facial shape of the three-month-old pandas, we constantly adjusted and modified the face medel.
The advantage of hand-carving is that it can restore the face of the panda more vividly, so that it can be comparable to the texture and shape of the real panda.

4. Fur

The fur of the three-month-old realistic panda plush is hand-sewn from premium quality EU imported sheepskin.
The process of making a sheepskin realistic panda plush is meticulous and exquisite.
There are more than 20 processes, such as modeling, bonding, painting, spraying, trimming, etc. And more than ten kinds of tools such as tweezers, pliers, scrapers, hemp ropes, etc.
Most of these processes are handmade by craftsmen.

5. Double Check and Refine

Making a super realistic panda bear requires meticulous attention to details. If you don't double check every detail, it will be far from the real 3-month-old panda cub.
During the production process, we will continue to refine with the craftsmen to restore the details of each realistic panda plush as much as possible.

6. Trimming

In the last step of a handmade realistic panda plush, the craftsmen will finely trim the body and head of each lifelike panda stuffed animal.
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