Panda Statue, Cartoon Panda Garden Ornaments set, Panda Cubs Outdoor Ornaments

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As a national treasure of China, the pandas always bring happiness to people wherever they go and win the love of the people around the world.

Panda-Q want to bring adorable panda products to all over the world, and deliver happiness to everyone.

This is a set of 5 Cartoon Cute Panda Babies Statues:

1. Appearance design: There are 5 cartoon panda babies in different sizes and shapes, all are adorable and cute.

2. Material: All panda statues are made of glass fiber reinforced plastics(hereinafter referred to as FRP).

Because FRP products have the following characteristics:beautiful luster, bright color, high strength, corrosion resistance,light weight,long service life, not easy to damage,non-toxic, no smell. Can be placed outdoors for a long time.

3. Usage:Home decoration,Hotel decoration,Gardens ,Resort decoration ,Mini world parks,Kids playgrounds,Parks,Zoos,Streets,Shopping Malls,Commercial Squares etc. 

4. Size: We manually measured this product, so there may have deviations.

5. Delivery: The delivery time depends on the size of products. General products will be delivered about 3 days after purchase.

If there is no inventory,then we will delivery 15-30 days after purchase. Therefore,please contact us if you want to by them.

6. Shipping: Due to the large size of the product and sea transportation is unavailable. Please contact with us before placing an order.

Note:Please contact us before placing an order!

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1.Cartoon Panda Baby A(43cm*39cm*59cm):Hi,Panda baby, who do you say Hi?

2.Cartoon Panda Baby B(45cm*36cm*59cm):You are the most greedy gluttonous panda baby, ha ha, bamboos all are here.

3.Cartoon Panda Baby C(54cm*39cm*55cm):Hey,Baby,Look Behind!

4.Cartoon Panda Baby D(59cm*39cm*46cm):What are you looking at on the ground?

5.Cartoon Panda Baby E(37cm*40cm*60cm):Aren't bamboo on your hands enough to attract your attention?What new things do you see?A panda face with WOW expression,haha!

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FRP(glass fiber reinforced plastics)
Outdoor decoration
Sculpture,Mould,Slip casting,Painting,Handcraft
Great garden decor! It comes with 5 pandas, perfect size and super cute!
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