How to identify pandas, a lot of differences between one another, they are not the same

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Let see how to identify pandas, they are not all the same, they have their own characters.

Identify pandas by black circles

Qing xiao and Qing he ---- Yuan xiao and Yuan yuan

Panda with small black circles look kind, panda with big black circles look like that they are somebody. Identify pandas by pupillary distance

Qi fu ---- Zhao mei

The left one is Qi fu, you might not Qi fu, but you probably know her son International Shun, What? Still don't know, the face Face-planting one, oh that one.

Identify pandas by ear hair

Xi jia and Meng meng ---- Yuan Ruan and Cheng shuan

Xi jia and Meng meng have exquisite ear hair, but Yuan Ruan and Cheng shuan never combed their hair

Identify pandas by ears

Qing xiao and Yuan zai ---- Ai li(also named Mi ni) and Yan jun

Identify pandas by hair styles

Qi yi, Shuan xin and Yi ran

Xiao qiao, Ya li and Dian dian

Meng meng, Yong yong and Ying ying

See they have differences. May you have sharp eyes.

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